Tarte Shape Tape Concealer


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Tarte claims its shape tape concealer stays for minimum 16 hours and gives full coverage. It brightens up your under eye area and boosts the overall look. The Tarte shape tape concealer does not fit into the creases and the application is smooth. The packaging is travel friendly and applicator is a bit huge so be careful when picking the product. Do not apply under eye creams or moisturizers right before you apply Tarte shape tape because it contains shea butter and mango butter in its list of ingredients. If you have very dry skin then we suggest you to apply under eye cream or moisturizer a while before applying the Tarte concealer. Almost all reviews we received for this concealer highlight the fact that it does not get cakey but you need to be careful and use the right amount of product because a little too much may result into settling into your creases. Some middle aged women with very dry skin type and living in dry weather conditions complained for Tarte shape tape drying too quickly without using any moisturizer under eyes. The shade range is amazing for shape tape concealer and it covers almost all Asian skin tones from fair to medium and tan. It sets quite easily and does not transfer. Tarte concealer shelf life is around 6 month so you usually do not find any expiry date on the lid. If you do not set it with powder it might oxidize after a couple of hours especially when you spend a lot of time outdoors. It is heavily scented and comes with a matte finish.


*No creases
*Long wear time
*No cakiness
*No transfers
*Shade range
*Full coverage


*6 months expiry after opening the bottle


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